Iron Editor at AWA 2009

Matt Wagner vs. Daric Jackson. You might recognize these two names as they run a little room at AWA called the VAT.

Each contestant will have two hours to create an AMV that doesn't suck and adheres to the theme "Little Women". Bob picked the footage and not me, so the event will be way less creepy than it could be with a theme like that.

Each contestant will be given 5 anime sources, of which at least three must be used. Each contestant is allowed to cut their audio ahead of time and bring it with them to the event. They may bring multiple tracks if they so desire, as no audio will be provided during the event. In addition, each editor must use at least 1 second of the mandatory secret ingredient. It's a secret because the competitors don't know what it will be until it's showtime!

Sources (All from Bob's disturbingly feminine DVD collection):
Strawberry Marshmallow disc 1
Lucky Star OVA
Paniponi Dash disc 1
Bottle Fairy disc 1
Sasami: Magical Girls Club S1 disc 1

When and Where:
AWA 2009. The AMV Holyland. September 19th, in the VAT whenever the AMV awards end. Supposedly around 5PM...but you know how we roll.

Because Liz dropped out. Bad Liz. You make Matt and Daric work extra hard now!

But wait, there's more!
There's an Iron Editor PANEL on Friday at 4PM! Show up and learn stuff! We'll also give crap away! Maybe! WHO KNOWS?!