About the Event

Iron Editor started out as "Iron Chef AMV" and was created by Patrick Bohnet for Anime Weekend Atlanta 2000. After a brief period of time under the leadership of ExpertDV, the event was handed over to Omar Jenkins in 2004 where it was renamed to "Iron Editor". Thanks to a sponsorship from Otakorp, Iron Editor was able to standardize the hardware used, and travel to other conventions outside of Atlanta.

Staying true to the original recipe for success, Iron Editor is a competition in which two or more editors compete on identical computers to make a music video under a two hour time limit. Each editor is given five video sources, of which they must use at least three in their production. In addition, a mandatory secret ingredient is added to the mix just moments before the event starts. At the end of the time limit, the videos are rendered out and then evaluated by a panel of judges who determine the winner. He or she must then return to the same convention next year to defend his or her title.

Usually hosted by Bob Babcock, Iron Editor also features a great deal of audience participation. In addition to being able to watch each editor build their timeline on the big screen, small music video trivia games, often involving footage recognition, are played by selected members of the audience who compete against each other for prizes.

Iron Editor has been featured at Anime Central, Otakon, Anime Weekend Atlanta, and Anime USA. It has also received press coverage by National Public Radio. It is a high-volume event that is almost always standing room only. Iron Editor is great for those who want to learn, those who want to compete, and those who simply love music videos!